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Lubricating Oil

76 Lubricants

76 lubricants, lubricant oil

The 76 Lubricants brand is owned by Phillips 66 and provides the world with commercial and industrial lubricants that meet or exceed stringent industry quality standards.
76 Lubricants delivers a full selection of lubricating oils and greases for all application types, from cars and trucks to heavy construction equipment and stressful industrial applications. 76 Lubricants products have earned trust across many industries for quality, performance and reliability.

Waldo Oil Co stocks the following 76 Lubericants Oils:

  • Guardol ECT 15W-40
  • Guardol ECT 10W-30
  • Hydrolic Oil
  • Tractor Oil(not Mga)
  • Dynalife® HT Gear Grease

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